Thursday, November 22, 2007

Two silvers from Turman

Last weekend I was challenging in Small Rock in the biggest survival challenge I have ever took part in - Turman. We came back to the locus delicti after 3 months and it was really good flashback with this year`s PP in a background.
Unfortunately freezing weather, 5-10 cm of snow and Jizera river in surrounding wasn`t the best invitation so only 20 strong people including me was standing on the start. First stage - long steep run to the Kalich. I think I had snow in my eyes and I missed the aim - antenna mast and lost myself for 15 minutes. Second stage - moving behind rail above a river. No problems for long hands of Zhaly.kom. Third stage - funny orienteering in Small rock with controls on a graveyard, railroad toilets, in a swimming pool (ice broke down under Zhaly.kom kilos), in a dark hole and on view point (with one beer refreshment). And last stage - crossing the cold Jizera`s water for 15 minutes.
I scored two second places - in singles behind Rambo knife Bayer and in teams (with Miška,Máša and Havlis) behind rubikons - ROB team.
Evening banquet was also great. Lorenzo, Yahweh and Bokyman used railroad and Branik to reach Small Rock and everybody celebrated November 17th best as they could.

2 comments: said...

And who became the Betrayal of the Excursion?

Zhaly said...

I have two potential nominees:

Zdenda - he missed whole Turman because of researching of a beaver grove (or non-beaver plain). I know he couldn`t know it but dark hole was also on the course of Turman.

Locals - they came uninvited, woke up Lorenzo and Yahweh who were sleeping in reader style and they were pissed-off when Lorenzo cooled them down by glass of beer.