Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The end of abstinence

My heart is pudding during writing these letters. It is over one month when I was publishing for the last time. And now, after long period of studying, I`m able to write more than crib (this semester I prepared only one, it`s too much work).
And what I will write about? I don`t know. What about Eurosong? Or Superbowl. Or Ski-O in Orlicke mountains. I want to write about everything. Like that Paroubek has small dick and Dalibor Janda the biggest one.
So, on Sunday night will be the XLII Superbowl. Since Galaxie Sport has broadcasted the National football league (NFL), I have been the regular viewer and fan of this awesome sport. My favourite team, San Diego Chargers, lost with unbeatable New England Patriots in semifinal, one step before Superbowl. What a pity that two biggest stars, quarterback Philip Rivers and runningback LaDainian Tomlinson, were injured.
This new obsession was also reason why I downloaded EA Sports PC game Madden NFL 2008. Now I`m trying to learn some basic rules and tactics of football and I also created new NFL star - quarterback Petr Zaloudek!!!