Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why I shit on my blog?

Finally I find some time to write again on my blog. Many things happened and I have to mention some of them. The biggest change in my life is that I have started to work. I was making decision between two options: be a fucking clerk or a media cum. I chose the second one and became the most possible cum as I could be - I am working in sport department of Blesk. I would write more about my job, but my boss sometimes read this blog (Hi Jirka).
Since middle of September I have been living with Miška in a new apartment. Together with our housemates Myro&blondie we are watching over Danny`s flat. And for this moment with success - we have had only one angry visit of our neighbours.
The national competitions are over and it means that also my commentary is, for this year, over. Finally, I have to say.
Last weekend was The Carp. I know it would be better write single story about this glorious action, but I havn`t neither mental power nor time for it. So in short version: beer+marihuana+vodka+griotka doesn`t work very well --- if you want to destroy some train, don`t forget a bottle of whiskey in place of peace pipe --- kapr, take it easy --- where are you? anonymous face --- we pay. 90 please. 93 thanks ---