Friday, July 13, 2007

One month from the last post... over. I was little bit freezed with my "present-minded" posts, but only until yesterday, when the phone rang and Lochness told me that I am son of a bitch. I decided that I have to continue with the job I have started 3 months ago. So now short list of "news":

- on June 23th I ran a PŽ sprint in Škvorecká obora and I understood, why are sprints on the 1:5000 scale and not on smaller. By the way, the map made by Jéňa Šváb was readable only with 5 Braníks in stomach...Finally 11th place after stunning start.

- next day Blue-white power held a competition on Hůrka. Great job by Bára M. and others, I contributed only by my poor speakers quality. But together with Míša we tried Trail-O and I can say that is very interesting competition without physical pain. So great oportunity for barrel like me.

- next weekend was - as every year - traditional swine in Rokytnice. Because of changes in my mind I drank out much fewer beer as usually, but again I prepared bottle beer race around cottage which was won by main favourite Romča. Lebka shot the cat (a nice synonym for vomit) and he retrospected last year when his first and also last Sunday`s beer had ended in wheelbarrow. I have not to forget that on Friday I was running longer that Bet (110 minutes - that was unbelievable) and I also worked with prolonged penis on garten.

- last but not least we were on Sázava river. From Wednesday to Sunday we spent nice pasta vacation in boat which included also over 15 hours behind the steering wheel of Škoda 105 with trailer. Otherwise it was nice time with my friends and also very good compensation of gym hall hours because Sázava is fucking oil and now I am feeling like gladiator with muscles of steel. By reason of illness I had to reduce my alcoholic consumption, so the best shit stars was Pidin, Boky nad Mirek.