Monday, September 1, 2008

Last test

Before summer vacation I had been counting with hard drill during summer. Now, five days before start of the autumn part of this season, I know I had been thinking about bullshit. I was able to practice only for one week when I was with Miška in Železnice. This week in the end of July starting with BA8 and ending on Valečov I nearly reached 100 running km. But one swallow doesn't make a spring and I know that autumn will be tragical from me. Again.
On the last weekend I took a part on the last preseason test - Grand prix of East Bohemia organized by Beďa and his slaves. I didn't want to shoot all my powder and I ran only the first stage. I'm very glad that I haven't still some small slave because the short course wasn't really short. If I had some child, I wouldn't have any chance to shut up his annoying crying by gag his mouth by breast because I would be in forest on "short course". I was studying CVČ bulletin for ten times and I didn't find some notice about the fact that course settler is a jackass and he doesn't know what means "short". No surprise that I didn't find also apology from LPU although some competitors could feel cheated. If I hadn't been there, I wrote about it on my website...
And what about my performance? I started in good shape and after seven controls I held 4th spot. Also on the next legs I did great work and my first mistake came on 15th. My compass was travelling with Boky and without it I had also problems with 17th. Everything was still going in right way but around 23rd and 24th was a nice carp area and I'm not prepared for carp yet. Finally I was in the finish 6 minutes behind winner and less then minute behind Lorenzo, but without 8th control which I in my good shape had missed.
In the evening was time for small party with Rebel but there was nothing to revolt against. Maybe my stomach was revolting little bit after Hồ Chí Minh path but not enough to entertain friends...

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