Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekend in "Albania"

As everyone knows, I had to write Albania in the quotatiton marks because I in very deed hadn't been in Albania last weekend. The Albanian Team of long-distance sports Sumperk, which is after stunning putsch without former emperor Aljosa, didn't hold Bulgarian B-class competitions neither in the Albania or in the Bulgaria but in the Czechia near Lanskroun city.
I was invited as a speaker and although I was counting with Sunday middle race, I traveled to Lanskroun in order to clear my mind, practice speaking and drink Holba in quantity bigger then the small one. On Saturday I was very glad that I hadn't to participate in the classic distance race. Course setter Jarda Sramek loyal to the name of his club had prepared cruel courses and when I was after race trying to find some controls, I had to be satisfied with only the first one from the H21B course (viz. map).
On Saturday I started at 00 and after 2 minute mistake at second control I gave up all chances for a good result. But it was important warning for me before athletic/orienteering bet with Boky - the small animal and Casanova.

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