Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oops!...It did it again

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I think it did it again

I made me believe we're more than just friends
Oh ankle
It might seem like a crash
But it doesn't mean that I'm fully fit
'Cause to lose all my chances
That is just so typically me
Oh ankle, ankle

Oops!...It did it again
I wricked my ankle and lost in the race
Oh ankle, ankle
Oops!...I think I'm in shits
Which are sent from above
I'm not like 50cent

Yeah, It did it again. I had been waiting for an ankle accident since the first minute of the season and sometimes I had felt that the moment finally had came. But on Saturday, after 1 minute of PŽ in Tis, I stepped on some small stone and my ankle made same movement as the Tomas Berdych`s one in the Davis cup. I tried to continue but every bad step caused awful pain. On the way to the 6th control I decided to stop my agony and I found out that is possible for me to continue on roads and paths. You can see my trip in shape of course on map. Finally I was satisfied with good training and sufficient number of mental power (e.g. Blemci stopped his race on 9th because he could not find it).

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