Sunday, March 9, 2008

My first time

I have a very bad news for those who doubted about my orienteering future. My unsuccessful career will continue, because yesterday I started a new season. Except Catching features, where I'm attacking TOP50 in the world ranking, and curiosity entertainment called LOB I didn't hold a map in hands for 4 months. What a awesome feeling! But if I want to improve the 164th spot in ranking, I require a solid map preparation. So on Saturday I took the trail for Jarní sprint in Krčák. It wasn't exactly sprint rather a middle. Lenght over 5 km, very steep parts and carp controls made course not so easy as I had excepted. We imitated, in principle, shape of regular Tuesday's pat which helped me to be more confident. Although I didn't avoid mistake, when I couldn't find a pit in a napalm (see map and 11th control) , I finished third behind OK Tom and Lorenzo, but before many voiceful names like Big Frost, Stranda, DJ Mára, Human positives set or Proletarian of orienteering.
Today I'm still struggling with cold. But no time for whimpering, I have to lose weight. So we arranged with Boky and Lorenzo lauf from Písnice. You can see our track on the picture and I have to call your attention for three passages highlighted by black colour. No surprise that it was hills - feint (výšvih) for Lorenzo, step up (výšlap) for me, no surprise I was there absolutely tragic. At least I know where will be my weak point. After 100 minutes I wait to see my reward - a can of cooled beer. No matter it wasn't Branik.

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