Thursday, November 29, 2007

Very Shocking Events

News from VŠE:

- you can read my articles from Internet journalism lessons on They are titled "Malé město, málo štětek" and "Když nejčtenější neznamená nejlepší". Don't expect miracles
- thanks for privilege from Danny Šístek. Coca-cola automate sold me for 17 crowns 2 coco-cola bottles and one Bonaqua
- today I visited lesson called Constitutional Law and Theory of Government for the first time in this semester. JUDr. PhDr. Jaroslav Kuba, CSc. looked like little bit surprised when I asked him for seminary-work topic in the 10th week of classwork
- I have had any class pub-party in last 4 years. But next week will be the 3rd in this month.


Velič said...

Another very shocking event at VŠE,what?!,DSC00738.jpg

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