Monday, November 5, 2007

Eye of the tiger

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Last week I promised to my beer belly that I will work hard on myself. I had a dream where I looked like Rocky Balboa, so I scheduled some hours in a bull-hall with a view to take down some beer-mass and take up some muscle-mass. But I didn`t know that I reach the similarity with Rocky, the Italian stallion, in two days.

My last ranking event of 2007 was the east-bohemian cup in Prachov on Saturday. After 4th place in Friday`s HULK CUP (my team-mates were Lorenzo and Zdenda) I felt confident before start and I believed that I could earn some points. Luckily I didn`t know that I had been beaten by Simča last night.
The race on map Brada was very special, because it was mass start competition partly with scorelauf controls. I started carefully but I didn`t avoid to crash my ankle 100 metres behind start. I chose the variant with crossing the Čochtan`s camp right in the beginning of whole race, same as many other did. But when I was in camp, I found out that I was the last. So I was trying to push hard, I outran some people, but when I was outrunning Tomáš Fibír from FS Praha, I was knocked down by some line. Bottom part of body wanted to continue, but my head was stopped, which caused that I was in a pico-second on a ground. I felt awful pain in surrounding of my left eye and when I opened eyes, the left one didn`t work. This spectacular show was seen by Gaz and Pedrák. "Dude, are you OK?," they asked me and I couldn`t give them an answer. "Don`t worry, it is only burst eyebrow," they said after short control of my face. Blood was streaming and Gaz ran away for help. I went with Pedrák by the nearest road to the finish against many competitors. It was funny to see their scared faces and hear their disgusted noises, but I looked like Freddy Krueger, I guess. In the finish was waiting MUDr. Hainík. It was work for needle and thread and he gave me opportunity to decide if I want to be sewed here or in a hospital. I chose the first possibility and we moved to some building. In 15 minutes I had something about 6 stitches in the eyebrow. In a hour or two caught the eye nice blue, red and violet colour, but it wasn`t reason to miss evening party. After the wound had come to life, alcohol seemed to be the best anesthetic. And it was...

Today I passed classic circle in our polyclinic: surgery-roentgen-surgery-oculist-surgery-family doctor. And everywhere I listened that I`m lucky man. But I think I have only luck in unhappiness. Just see list of my troubles in last 2 years:
XXII.2005 - red plague
I.2006 - finger cut off (2 stitches)
VIII.2006 - two splint bones broken
X.2006 - red plague for the second time
III.2007 - red plague for the third time (12 days in hospital)
VII.2007 - little toe broken (treated with brufen and orienteering)
XI.2007 - burst eyebrow (6 stitches)


stepan said...

ty vole zhaly, ty mě fakt ničíš. z fleku můžeš vydat autobiografii. ale cos čekal, když křížíš prokletí kluka s hvězdou na prsou a lampionem v hlavě!!! said...

Very nice. Your effort to replace me on the post of the biggest magnet for injuries has been so immense during the last two years that I´m not able to keep your pace anymore. Maybe I should try to drill my hand with a corkscrew or to cut my veins with a splinter...