Thursday, October 25, 2007

How I was born for the third time

I spent last weekend in Sklarna, the famous top Czech terrain. An opportunity for nice orienteering was only reason, why I was trying to find some lampions on October. We had very special journey to Žihle because of old-school bus. However, this unique bus was more skilled than buses from our last provider Longiron-mill.
I was little bit shocked when some 50 km from Prague was ground covered by snow but how says snow-lover Blaďas: "When is 10 below zero and I go skiing, I dress myself for 10 below zero. But when is 10 below zero and I go orienteering, I dress short moira and dederon." I did same. First of two PŽ competitions was a classic distance. I started last but one and my friends hadn`t believed before race that I could find all targets of12.8 km course. Especially Lorenzo was pessimistic about my shape but he knew what he was speaking about. Course was set by Azy`s dog and it was very boring 80 minutes for me. But I was pushing hard with aspiration to demonstrate my good autumn shape and finally I scored 11th spot 12 minutes behind leader - Luboš Matějů. Nice 7300 points into ranking event. In the evening we moved to the pub and we was competing in longest pissing time. Tom became winner with 2:12 and he was called "The master of snakes`s choking" but nobody (including waitress, except Hendy) could assess value of this victory.
On Sunday I started second and early I found out that I had lost all mental power on classic distance. It was snowing, forest was very wet and course was set only in vegetation. Fortunately I ran most of race with Ondřej Skripnik and it helped me for 15th place, only one spot before Škorpil. But I was faster than Hendy, Jiří, ex world champion and of course His Majesty.
I wanted to leave Sklarna as soon as possible and after some time I found place in huge SUV car Nissan Murano (on picture). I didn`t know owners of this car, but they were orienteerers and they knew Ivana Lacigová. The journey was comfortable and fast and I spent whole time with a book (Catch-22). I was reading about 3 deaths in one chapter and now I can say that it was omen. Why? Suddenly I was feeling hard brakes, so I looked outside the car and we missed in that moment a big bird laying on a highway. It was a buzzard and it was knocked down by the car in front of us. "What a luck", I said to myself. I looked around myself trying to find some safety elements like side airbags and I felt satisfied. In this type of car is security on the first place, I hoped. So I returned to Catch-22.
It elapsed 2 minutes and I had to raise my head again because I was feeling that car is sliding. The situation didn`t looked very good. We were too fast and driver was struggling with steering wheel attempting to miss barriers along the highway and take a control over the car. But he was unsuccessful and the first hit with crash barrier came from the left to the left side of the car. We were returned to road but still too fast and without control, so the second hit came early. This time it was frontal hit again with left barrier. It turned us clockwise and we saw that there is any other car on road. Luckily. But we were still in move and car was finally stopped by last big hit in right crash barrier. We fastly left car and saw that uprooted barriers was holding car over 10 metres deep hillside. I can`t imagine the somersaults if the barrier didn`t survive. I looked on highway and it was covered by ice layer which was product of hailstones rain. Fortunately nobody from our car was injured and the Nissan looked better than I had expected. Some witnesses of accident asked us, if we are OK and I took advantage of this opportunity and found a place in their car to leave highway and continue to Prague.
So that was my second big car accident and it is unbelievable that my first car crash happened also on journey from Sklárna. This time I survived without scars, but important is, that I survived. And I have to consider next visit of Sklárna. I hadn`t to obtain another chance.

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