Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nine-times in nine days

Holy shit, what a portion of orienteering is behind me. I`m feeling like somebody with a map in place of brain, compass in place of stomach and SI card in place of cucumber (man`s best friend if you know). One international meeting of people with this awful handicap is now in Kiev (link here). In these days I`m on therapy which should damage all the consequences of previous nine days and also remove "orienteeroplasty" (for more information about this topic see 1st episode of the 9th South Park season here or read about it in Wikipedia). So let`s return to last stunning week.

All the theatre started on Saturday 12th on Small Rock near Turnov with PP two days competition. Two stages in one day weren`t easy, but there wasn`t place for me in elite class and I felt very satisfied in H21A. After long time I was again struggling in top of the leader board although my activities before PP had been approximating to the zero.
In first stage, short distance on Drábovna, I made 3 consecutive mistakes between 5-7 and lost over 2 minutes, so 10th place was little bit disillusion for me. Second Saturday`s stage was sprint event on Chocholka - nice forest sprint on sporadically not very precise map which was mutated by ISSOM key. Who the hell find out grey colour for paths? Finally I scored 4th place after some unforgivable 8 seconds mistakes and slow uphill run.
In the evening there were a party prepared by organizers in Sokol home. I were not prepared for such social activity, so I quited party at 1:00, 4 hours before end. That`s the reason why I got to know a condition when I weak up on summer competitions and I have any head/stomach/leg-ache. What a feeling!!! I tried to sell it in race and I think I did my best. But one stupid mistake when I had lost myself in the middle of long leg for over 1,5 minute cost me podium standings. I were 5th after all stages 10 seconds behind bronze medal.

Monday was the rest day and I spent it in Jičín licking my wounds and in the afternoon in transport to Mělník, host city of Bohemia 2007. The monday`s night was very crucial because I felt as if I was sleeping on highway under railroad bridge. Next day was Bohemia opened by sprint event on Mělník square. I decided to support a football club which I have felt in love with and I ran in the official kit of SK Slavia Praha and hoped that it could have helped Slavia in Wednesday`s game in Amsterdam (it really helped and Slavia has got brilliant chance to join Champions league for the first time in history). Not only I presented my obsession, I did very good result and finished 5th. I fucked with rules as also many others did and jumped two-times over fence or wall. That is not say that I have got qualms rather good felling after hard work in streets of Mělník. In the evening we had tragicomedy scene in our tent city because of BT squad performance and intervention of some Zorro Revenger ("Call me Zorro Revenger," says Jim Carry during shadow game in Ace Ventura 2 - you can remind it - but in hungarian - here).
After this second without-dreams night finally started real stage of Bohemia on Supí Hora. How I were surprised when I had found 14 of 26 controls in the area of Pustá Rokle, a map of my club Kotlářka! Controls were in same forest where I last year had prepared third stage of Pohár Kokořínska. There is any agreement between our club and OK Bor, so it is not OK, it is - and I don`t fear to say it - THEFT!!! Because I haven`t possibilities to place here map from Bohemia, you can see my routechoises on Pustá rokle. Never mind there are any differences.
My result was influenced by sickness over behavior of OK Bor and I am proud of myself that I found all controls. I thought about some kind of petition against thieves within meaning of exclusion from ČSOB, but when I calmed down, I decided to leave this responsibility on my club.
Next day wasn`t better, we competed on another piece of human arrogance which had been in addition sainted by top authority of ČSOB. I had 18 of 26 controls on our map Žluč as you can see here. I spent same as day before 94 minutes on my course and unfortunately I hurt hardly myself. When I was crossing meadow between 15 and 16, I didn`t notice erosion gully in high grass and turn-in my left knee. Because I were currently in the furthermost area of course, I finished race.

Third stage was shorter than the previous stages, and - after all - on map belonging to organizers, and I was testing my knee. I could do my top speed only on routes and unfortunately there were any long legs making use of routes. But my goal of this Bohemia was still alive, any DISK behind my name.
Saturday meant last but one race of my long set. Very easy course was perfect for me because I had felt a lack of mental power before stage. My knee looked like stronger than in Friday but there was another painful problem - my teeth. Probably when I had passed in spring an examination from math, something in me decided I need wisdom-teeth. I wish I didn`t pass it. I wanted to forget the pain because of last night in Mělník, so I tried hard with gin, gold-bears-liquire and some other stuff and it was - what a surprise - working. Big group of orienteerers occupied in style of Coco jumbo club Rio and asked each other: Had you at all like me? I felt in deep sleep at 2:00.
I woke up with suspicious feeling in my stomach and ran as fast as possible to the toilets. When I was going back to tent, I felt it again and I had to run this time to the toilets on opposite site of camp. It was there. I had a Great Diarrhoea. I couldn`t fart any more if I didn`t want to find slop in my pants. In addition my up right wisdom-tooth incurred that I could not open my mouth too much. It meant I could not eat rolls, the only meal which is friendly to the diarrhoea. And before me? Nearly 8 km on Supí Hora. But I did it. After 93 minutes in forest with wise saw "hungry wolf hunts best" and after 4 minutes near 13th control in deep crisis when I was repeating in my mind I have - I haven`t - I have - I haven`t - I have - I haven`t...., I finished 5days competition Bohemia 2007 on 28th spot in H21E with 108 minutes gap on winner Mrazák after 405 minutes of running, walking, sitting, drinking, swearing, NPing,...


The one with no blog said...

What else was Zhaly licking in Jičín?
Does OK BOR think it is cool to steal maps?
What do you think?
And what does Jan Tleskač think?
And had you at all like me?

Velič said...

Pine wood sucks!