Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Revenge of cat`s paw

Yesterday I joined two amazing races. Firstly I had ran Hi-Tec cup at housing estate Hůrka, later in the evening I prepared with Lorenzo bottled beer competition on Hrádek.
I made a great result at Hůrka, when I lost on second place only 50 seconds to winner - Modest Gay. But I didn`t avoid mistakes, concretely at 1st and also in the end of race. My pace wasn`t so strong as it had been in my top shape, nevertheless I felt like 70 kg youngster. The terrain and course were pretty tricky with passages in concrete city, jungle, park and bikros track.
View map with my route-choices.

After sprint at Hurka I was sprinting home to pack all bottled beer race stuff. Unfortunately I forgot at home the most importent artefact, The Cat`s Paw. Since this moment we were punishable by paw on every our step. First of all Albert sold out all Braník stuff, then Centrum Chodov had also any Braník. We were forced to buy Svijany, Platan and Kozel. Next roadblock was called a lack of money. Not enough cash in our wallets, lost Lorenzo`s debit card and not enough on my account. I had to withdraw from not CS cash machine with big charge. All this under time press.
It is unbelievable that we had in time of bottled beer race start at 21:45 at least 40 beers in forest. Race started with 45 minutes of run-up to 9 controls, then was prepared mikrOB I.

All 15 controls with one Svijany beer were drinked out and best perfomance here counted 3 beers per person. Than we continued at map Hradek 2003 with another 10 controls with 2 beers and also one bonus. In Kundratický potok was hidden and cooled down 1,5 l PET bottle of Měšťan (69) which was overborne by Pápn and Fanda. Next on the row was mikrOB II.

Competitors passed this part of race with a lot of beer power so it was quite wild stage. Two of 15 controls with one Platánek wasn`t find - you can see it with blue circlet - and this bottles found place in my fridge. After this mikrOB race was finishing at nearest controls to central map with one surprise at control 31 - 6 tins of Braník (one person was able to drink max. 3), where scored maximum points Ondřej S.

Also Fanda felt asleep

Last funny story of this race wes produced by Bábík. We were waiting for him long time without result and clocks was working somewhere around 2:30. Than Lorenzo decided to look for Bábík and fortunately he found him. He was sleeping on 34 with legs in hole using timber as a pillow. Perfect dot at the close of The Cat`s Paw Cup 2007.

Here is map with all Hrádek 2003 controls.

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