Tuesday, May 1, 2007

MČR NOB - Not so bad, 27 minutes from the last place

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Yesterday, I ran my third O-competition in this year. It`s amazing that two of this races were national championships. This time it was night-O champ. Right in NP (Nová Paka) prepared Taďas and comp. very well organized competition with the centre in the hockey stadium, as it was on WOC 2003 in Rapperswil, Switzerland.
I had a very special preparation last week because I spent whole week over the math books and my only moves were two squash matches with Bokovka (with disaster result for me). So I arrived to NP with head full of math formulas, but without orienteering concentration. Maybe I`d rather burn some witches.
As you can see in the map, the race wasn`t so tough as I had hoped. It was more about your physical strenght, and my is very poor, than orienteering. I had hoped that is posible to make good result without mistakes, but I lost immediately on the 2nd control 1:45 because of bad search. This control was nodal point hidden in the green which each H21 competitor visited three times and I lost there two times over a minute. Martin Štěpánek, who had started 3 minutes behind me, caught me near 6th control (18th in map, I ran H21S variant), but I could not accept his pace, choose another 7-8 (19-20) route-choice and lost him. Unfortunatly, behind 11 I hurt myself and my hands looked very bloody. In addition, in climb from 13 (25) I was feeling another pain - from my back. This factors led to deep crisis superimposed by another search mistake at 15 (27).
After nodal point I was back in good mood. I gave an advice to Lasina, felt again physicly and mentally strong. I tried to enjoy the rest of race. But this perfect moments survived only for short time. Than, between 19-23 (5-9), I lost in the huge slope the rest of my remaining power. Luckily for me, it was so closed to the finish. I punched the finish line in time 90:07 which meant over 27 min gap to winner, Marek Prasil, and also 27 min lead over the last men in the finish, Jakub Hulec.
Overall I can be satisfied with this race. But I have big reserves in hills, map and motivation. And my back hurt so much. I think that without this pain, I could be 15-20 min faster. I wanted to make a picture of my back to show you how huge pain I have. Unfortunately, batteries are low.

The map with my routes (over 1,5MB)

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mrazák.kom said...

Very good race, Peter, don´t give up, your shape is brilliant!
No video from the race?

Zhaly said...

Be sure that I will do my best also in the next competition, SAXBO, in class H21K.
Yesterday I was pushing so hard, but nobody with camera paid attention to my achievement. No doubt I merited this reward. But I hope I will have some pictures from nodal point. They will be added later.

rys said...

H21K? With whom will I be competing in H21L?
Anyway I run a fine 30' training this evening (first after whole week, but I'm feeling quite strong), meeting Jockey on his interval session.
I'm looking towards SAXBO with high expectations!
See you there

Zhaly said...

As I had promised, I added photo from nodal point. I`m looking like Quasimodo, aren`t I?

respekt! said...

"stovky reaktorů, které legalita čarodějnic tradičně naplnila roční zásobou pneumatik"