Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ski WC Liberec - day 1

I started my four days long trip to Liberec in the morning in Prague. Travelling fast and without problems I reached Main Press Centre (MPC) in Tipsport arena in a good time and with small cheat I parked near Arena for free. I decided to miss women 1O km classic and go by shuttle bus directly to Ještěd for ladies ski jumping training. But some bastard had placed me to the bus which went to Harcov. So I was spending 45 minutes in the bus when I returned to Tipsport arena. Awesome first impression I have to say. So I was on Ještěd little bit late but fortunatelly not enough to miss ladies and do some interviews. And it this really bizarre to interview 14 years old girls on WC, isn´t it?
(more news will be added - maybe)


papn said...

Maybe you are always use to say in Liberec: "Nach Harcow, bitte!"

Anonymous said...

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