Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two weeks summary

Because of troubles with my computer, which is producing sounds like Zetor (if anyone has the unused motherboard DFI nF4x Infinity and should give me chipset cooler, I would be grateful), I was unable to publish any post for two weeks. But now, after "cink, cink" - "what is it?" - "ahh, Mr. Lorenc is coming" intervention, I am finally online again. I didn`t wish one week without Internet even to my biggest enemy.

If I want to recap all important issues of last two weeks, I have to go back to the last Saturday, when SK Slavia Praha became a Gambrinus league champion. As you can see in the right menu bar or in photo album here, I missed the A-class competition on Cerinek and took a part in awesome match against Jablonec at the most awesomest stadium - the Eden. But I didn`t enjoyed celebrations before stadium like His Majesty because the yellow bus to Jihlava was leaving at 19:00. After one and half hour I was standing, still in laced jersey, at the Jihlava bus station and calling friends. Jeepers creepers! They were drinking 18 degree hedgehog in the brewery. And this I want to also poke out! Then we continued in the natural science and moved to the Bat. Kapanen had there a date with two overmature hookers, Mr.Parkinson was playing the slapping game, Mazo spent a package on the lottery-wheel, MB found a new boyfriend, Luke found a new girlfriend and everybody were drinking shock+vodka for 20Kc. At 2:30 we were kicked out and because the other disco want at 3:00 still 50Kč for entrance, we had to go sleep. What had happened before gym knows everyone including those who wasn`t there. Nothing which would require lynch. In the morning I felt like the M.Slovak`s fist hit me. Fortunately I had not to run but my speaker quality underwent little bit.

On Monday and Tuesday continued Strahovska liga with semis and finals. We lost both games and finished 4th in the 4th league. But important is that we consolidated the squad and next season will play 3th league.

And finally report from the last weekend when we ran two relays and one sprint. First relays were near Slatinany and I remember this area from national relay and team championship in 1999. I can quote Azimut: "Ve skautském střeleckém areálu skončili dorci třetí, dorky čtvrté a chlapi hm, no...DKP kluby byly úspěšné - dorost druhý (Žalud nejede na Kapra), dospělí hm, no." Yes, I have from this competition silver and bronz (with rats Lorenc and Mrazák) but I know very well that I made huge mistakes both days and that was the reason why I had banana for Kapr. This year I did good race but after mistake on 19th I lost all what I had gained before.

In the afternoon we ran sprint event right in Slatiňany and after Potkan practice I had not problems with controls in napalm. On 17 th, just before final part in city, I was in the lead but than I made two mistakes and lost 1 minute. So 5th place in the finish 14 second behind gold wasn`t bad but I am little bit disappointed. It could be better.

On Sunday in very hot weather was competition near Chrast. I felt good before my 3rd leg but after 2-3 minutes in the race I found out that I had problems with strong bark. In addition I was producing consecutive errors and I can say that it was one of my worst performance ever. And when I lost sprint battle in the finish area because of slip in the curve, I was ripe for towel which finally came represented by antibiotics and one week of rest.

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