Monday, April 28, 2008

Sprint shape? Not too bad

After full portion of shame, which I had gathered last week at ultralong national championship, I passed the purge cure on Sunday in Jilemnice.
My ultralong mission was mistake and I don`t want to get back to it in ultralong story. In addition I am preparing article about it to the next magazine OB. But I could name some basic facts. Firstly it is impossible to find in my imaginary training diary a run longer than 100 minutes. Secondly there was any food on refreshment points as same as in my pocket. And last but not least fact, not everybody has enough mental power to compete in Brno forest for more than 150 minutes. See and, both ambitious competitors, both without 62 controls. Is this an accident?
My bad mood lasted one week. How it is possible? On Wednesday THC NP Dynamo Mapník with 15 noisy supporters on the stand earned 4th straight win in a row and we are a step before 1st place in group and direct play-off move. On Saturday I went with Miška to the barbecue party organized by Taďas in NP city. Awesome party, I have to say. I had a lot of meat, beer, plum brandy and Huntsman which luckily didn`t walking in green. And came also Miluška Voborníková (on picture). True story.
On Sunday we moved from NP city to Jilemnice where we ran sprint event. I was pushing hard beware of Kipketer in back, made two mistakes and finished 2nd with huge over 8200 ranking gain and scalps like Animal, DJ or O.Kazdič. Next sprint I will run is this Thursday and I am looking forward for another 8000 ranking points. Map will be added later.

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